Mine with Efficiency

Your hashing runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Gold Miner 1200W is designed to provide you up to 90% efficiency for your cryptocurrency mining. With Gold Miner you get more watts for your buck.
Dual Fan Configuration

Gold Miner 1200W comes with double 80mm fan configuration,intake, and exhaustion. This fan configuration induces a straight-in, straight-out constant airflow that keeps the unit at the ideal temperature.

To keep the unit cool, the Gold Miner 1200W fans constantly run at their maximum speed of 4500 RPM. The fans are designed with 2-ball bearings to ensure high durability under this heavy usage.
Heavy Duty Cables

Standard power supply units come with AWG#18* cables, according to Intel’s Power Supply Design Guide. Mining usage scenarios might cause this type of cables to overheat burning the sheath and damaging the unit.
Gold Miner 1200W comes equipped with AWG#16 cables, these cables ensure safe heavy-duty operation.

*American Wire Gauge –AWG is the standardized gauge system used in the US. The smaller the AWG number the larger the sectional area of the wire.
Connectors Optimized for Mining Systems

Gold Miner 1200W comes with 8 PCIe connectors, and 9 Molex 4 pin connectors.
This number of connectors is optimal for 4 VGA cards system configurations with their corresponding widget adapters.

Usage Guidelines

Gold Miner 1200W is designed for 4 VGA cards systems. Adding more cards might DAMAGE THE UNIT AND YOUR SYSTEM.
The number of connectors of Gold Miner 1200W is strictly matched to its recommended load, adding connector splitters, to power extra components, might DAMAGE THE UNIT AND YOUR SYSTEM.
Make sure to connect each of your VGA cards to a PCIe widget adapter, and that the adapter is powered directly by Gold Miner 1200W through the corresponding Molex 4pin/PATA connector. Connecting the VGA cards directly to your motherboard might DAMAGE THE UNIT AND YOUR SYSTEM.
Mining systems generate considerable heat. Thus, your mining environment should be adequately ventilated. Less than ideal ventilation might reduce the lifetime of your system.
All connectors in Gold Miner 1200W have a particular purpose. PCIe connectors should power VGA cards, Molex 4pin/PATA connectors should power either your PCIe widget adapters or fans, and SATA connectors should power the hard drives.
Incorrect usage, as judged by our technical team, will void your warranty.
The 1200W Gold Miner, dimensions 150x86x230mm (WxHxD), can be installed in standard PC cases. Due to the unit’s dimensions, it is recommended to measure the space available in your case to confirm compatibility.



Cables and Connectors Usage Guidelines



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