Futuristic and Elegant Design

Futuristic and elegant design inspired by Project 7’s clean geometric patterns and shapes. A truly high-end gaming couch, tailored to the most demanding gamers.

Utmost Comfort

The entire surface of the couch is padded with high-density foam. A high quality PVC cover, that feels just like leather, combined with this generous padding makes P7-CH2 AIR the most comfortable gaming couch in the market.

AIR Technology

A “breathing surface” means a fresher and comfortable couch despite hours of use.

Our AIR Technology combines an attractive pinhole design with premium nonwoven materials and foams to provide you a superior airflow that keeps you cool.

Your Gadgets at Hand

The P7-CH2 AIR comes with lateral pockets on both sides of the couch for storage of phones, remote controllers, magazines, or other gadgets of similar dimensions.

Premium Finishings

The high attention to detail that characterizes our Project7 line.

Carbon Fiber-looking PVC at the rear
Futuristic hexagonal design and embroidered logo
Plastic feet that provide stability and leave no trace on floors and carpets

Multi-Purpose Cushion

Includes a multipurpose roll cushion. Use it as an armrest as you game on your console or as extra back support to lean on while watching movies.



Model Name P7-CH2 AIR
Couch Color Black/Blue
Seat Weight Capacity <150kg/330lbs
Roll Cushion Foam Type High Density Foam
Chair Foam Type High Density Foam
Couch Frame Fiberboard, Plywood, Solid wood
Feet Size (H x Dia) 12mm x 33.5mm
Feet Material Plastic
Seat Material Pinholes PU
Cover Material Carbon PVC & High Quality PU
Dimensions (W x D x H) 115cm x 85cm x 109cm
Product Weight 34.5kg
Carton Weight 42.5kg



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