ASA PowerStrip

5 USB ports and 4 outlets


Power All Your Devices
4 AC Outlets and 5 USB Ports

Only one outlet available? Split one outlet into four with the ASA PowerStrip that has 4 AC outlets on board. Additional USB ports are available to connect up to five devices such as your cellphone, tablet, headphones, smartwatches and/or e-readers. No additional adapters needed.
Perfect for connecting a number of devices at work or at home.



Stay Safe with Surge Protection

ASA safety system ensures your connected devices have complete protection from electrical short circuit, overheating, over-charging, unstable current flow and other electrical damage. Even the USB ports power down in case of short circuit. Connect and power individual devices with built-in individual power switches that has been tested to last up to 6000 switches.
This PowerStrip transfers optimal power and helps keep plugged-in devices safe, even during storms and power outages. It has a 15000A max and 1700J surge-suppression rating. Made from PC & ABS plastic material it is also fireproof (up to 750°C).



Super Charged USB Ports

Charge up to five devices at a time. Integrated with powerful and fast charging technology, each USB port detects and delivers 2.4A, the ideal current input needed to quick charge your device.
It also dissipates less heat and is environment friendly thanks to synchronous rectification technology where it’s electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 85%.


Clean and Simple Design

With an integrated sheet copper design, high conductance and great heat dissipation, multiple devices can be connected to the PowerStrip (plugged in and out up to 6000 times). A safety guard protects individuals from accidental shocks and prevents dust from accumulating within the strip.
Anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom ensure the PowerStrip can be placed anywhere, even on a desk.

Protect and Control

Equipped with overload protection, this surge protector will cease to transmit power when it exceeds 2400W rated power.For convenience and additional control, each power socket comes with a power button to activate the socket.You can even control the USB ports and the socket with the power button next to it. Turn on the power button to activate the USB ports, turn it off when not in use.
Save power. Save electricity.



Model Name ASA PowerStrip SA4A5U2 WH (ACAC-SA4A5U2-21)
Interface 4 AC Outlets, 5 USB Charging Ports
USB Input AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Rated Power 2500W (250V 10A)
USB Output 5V2.4A Intelligent Recognition Per Port
Charging Protection Overload Protection + Individual Switch
Safety Protection Surge Protection