ASA PowerStrip

Australian 3 AC outlets and 4 USB high speed charging ports


Aerocool PowerStrip 3 AC Outlets Surge Protector

Turn one outlet into three with the surge protector.
The 3 outlets surge-protector offers ultimate convenience and protection for computer electronics, home entertainment systems, and more.


Multi-protected Safety System

• 15000A max and 1700J surge-suppression rating,
  the unit transfers optimal power and helps keep plugged-in devices safe, especially during storms and power outages.
• Built-in power switch, whose life is up to 6000 times, turns on / off as you need.
• Aerocool's multi protection safety system ensures complete protection from electrical short circuit, over heat, electric surge, over charging, over current and etc.
• Its beautiful chassis made of PC & ABS plastic material makes it fireproof of up to 750℃.



4 High Power Super Charging Ports

• Ultra powerful 4 ports USB charger up to 20W, is able to charge 4 tablets or smartphones.
• Integrated with fast charging technology that enables each port to detect and deliver ideal input current each time of up to 2.4A.
• Due to synchronous rectification technology, its electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 85%,
  which causes less unnecessary heat and is more environment-friendly.
• USB ports power down in case of shortcircuit happening avoid accidents.


Unique and Convenient Design

• Integrated sheet copper design, high conductance and great heat dissipation, pull and plug 6000 times not loose.
• The safety guard protects children from an electric shock and prevent dust.
• There is natural anti-slip rubber footpads at the bottom, so that it is steady and hard to move for desktop use.




Model Name ASA PowerStrip SA3A4U2 WH (ACAS-SA3A4U2-21)
Interface 3 AC Outlets, 4 USB Charging Ports
USB Input AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Rated Power 2500W (250V 10A)
USB Output 5V2.4A Intelligent Recognition Per Port
Charging Protection Master Switch
Safety Protection Surge Protection