1. High performance "Mid-Tower" for gamers and enthusiast.
2. Supports longer high-end VGA cards up to 295 mm.
3. Supports 9 x 5.25" bays and maximum 4 x 2.5"/3.5" HDDs (internal) with HDD convertor bracket.
4. Anti-vibration pad included to dampen PSU vibration.
5. Each HDD bracket can mount a 12cm fan to cool each individually.
6. "Easy-install" screw-less kits for the 5.25" devices.
7. 1 x USB2.0 + 1 x USB3.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible.
8. CPU hole is pre-drilled on the Motherboard for easy access to cooler installation.
9. Cable management holes are pre-drilled with high end rubber protection.
10. Dust filter included to prevent dust entering from the bottom of case.
11. Supports water-cooling.

  1. Front 3 x 12cm fans (optional) (w/Fan adaptor) 
2. Back 1 x 12cm or 14cm fan (included) 
3. Side 1 x 12cm or 14cm fans (optional) 
4. Bottom 1 x 12cm or 14cm fan (optional)