1. Solidly constructed chassis interior (0.5mm SPCC).
2. Supports CPU cooler max. height up to 158mm.
3. Supports Long VGA Cards up to 400mm.
4. Includes 1 x 12cm Orange fan at rear and 1 x 12cm Orange LED fan in front.
5. Top panel flaps can be opened or closed to control air flow more efficiently.
6. Dust filter for PSU.
7. Includes a fan controller knob controls fan/s up to 25W.
8. 6 x 5 1/4" < 3 1/2" convertor brackets (Multi-Purpose Adaptors to install fans, HDDs and floppy/card rader) – can be used as fan adaptor, can install 3.5" HDDs and 2.5" HDDs and can be used to install floppy or card reader.
9. Cable Routing Management (pre-drilled holes on the MB plate).
10. Pre-drilled CPU holes for easy mounting and removable of CPU cooler.
11. 2 x USB3.0 or 2 x USB2.0 and Audio/Mic ports are easily accessible from top panel.



1. Front Can install 1~3 12cm fans - (w/Fan adaptor) (1 x 12cm Orange LED fan included)
2. Rear 1 x 12cm Orange fan (included)
3. Left Side 2 x 12 or 14cm fans (Optional)
4. Top 2 x 12cm fans (Optional) 
5. Bottom 1 x 12cm fan (Optional)
6. Inner front Can install 1~3 12cm fans - (w/Fan adaptor) (Optional)